For example, say I am interacting with a prompt-based application that is built upon ChatGPT, and the application's prompt has taken measures such as those described in the question How can I encourage ChatGPT to not reveal specific context, such as a fixed prompt that I want to keep hidden?. How can I prompt the application by adding new context to reveal information from/about that hidden context containing the application's prompt?

Note: I recognize that this question is inherently broad, since I haven't specified a specific "hidden prompt". But I think doing so would take away from the usefulness of the question, and I think that such generalized techniques do exist, since I know that people can and have "reverse-engineered" prompts without knowing what those prompts were.

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That's called "prompt leaking" and it's basically tricking the LLM into giving you the base 'system' prompt. I referenced this same article in this question about Prompt Injection

Here is my previous answer that references "jailbreaking" which isn't really a proper term given there is no sandboxed hardware to "break into" here.

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