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What is the difference between in-context learning and few-shot prompting?

In-context learning is a prompt engineering technique where natural-language demonstrations are provided as part of the prompt (source). Few-shot prompting is about providing a few examples in the ...
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What is a memetic proxy?

I came across this term with the negative impression on the AI Engineering which is: Try to avoid memetic proxy in the prompts If I assume something it would be like "Imagine you are a ...
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Is the simulators viewpoint still valid?

When considering the behavior of large language models, there is not yet a single canonical framework for interpreting their output in context. Common proposed frameworks include: Agents: The LLM ...
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What constitutes "jailbreaking" GenAI?

My motivation for asking this is because of the recent faq update. Jailbreaking GenAI is considered off-topic here, but... Question: What constitutes "jailbreaking" GenAI? I want a better ...
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What's the difference between the terms "ChatGPT", "GPT", "GPT-4", and "GPT-3.5-turbo"?

I often chat with the various bots at We see bots such as: ChatGPT: Powered by gpt-3.5-turbo. GPT-4: OpenAI's most powerful model. Stronger than ChatGPT in quantitative questions (math and ...
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