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How to populate labels for dataset preprocessing before LLM fine tuning?

I am using vicgalle/alpaca-gpt4 dataset to fine tune a LLM. I am trying to figure out how to tokenize the dataset's output column into labels within a dataset preprocessor. Please see the below ...
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how to load distcp checkpoint files?

I have fintuned full aparmeters of mistral 7-b model, and i have used FDSP in HF accelerate I have a checkpoint which is place in a folder pytorch_model_0, which contains multiple distcp files. how ...
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Comprehensive Guide for Finetuning

To learn about finetuning llms, I have read a number of online tutorials. I am about to teach a short course in this area, and looking for a book / paper / survey that discusses examples of different ...
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Embeddings: How can I find out, that I'm out-of-vocabulary?

I have a german dataset of financial/annual reports of companies. For example, I use the gensim package to embed my dataset with word2vec or use the huggingface package to embed. How can I find out, ...
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How can I get chatgpt to keep track of all the words in the list that I am providing?

I am trying to ask ChatGPT (gpt-3.5-turbo) using code to compare a text and a list of keywords and evaluate how well the keywords describe the text. However, ChatGPT seems confused about the list of ...
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Why do code answers tend to be given in Python when no language is specified in the prompt?

This is anecdotal, but in my use of ChatGPT (site and API) and Bard, in cases when I ask a generic coding question that does not specify the language, the answer is often provided in Python. Is this ...
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