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0 answers

Leonardo side view problem

I want to ask anyone if they encountered this problem. Whatever I do, it always generate character, that is facing the camera, meaning from the front view. I want to make 2d character from sideview. ...
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Training a model to generating application specific configuration

I'm thinking of building a model which can generate application specific configuration file. one example can be a simple dhcp server config in JSON/XML format with user asking "need config file ...
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4 votes
1 answer

What is a memetic proxy?

I came across this term with the negative impression on the AI Engineering which is: Try to avoid memetic proxy in the prompts If I assume something it would be like "Imagine you are a ...
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How can I extract the embedded prompt configuration from AI-generated images?

Some frontend AI image generation tools embed metadata (e.g. prompt configuration) in their images. Example: ComfyUI & Automatic1111: PNG text chunks While the same tools can read the ...
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