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How to find proper context in open book question answering?

I want to make an Open Book Question Answering / Retrieval Augmented Generation system. The major concern here is the proper context selection. There are some fundamental issues related to this. For ...
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How to fix my knowledge base?

I use Langchain.js with HNSWLib. I am building a chat bot for an automotive dealer. here's is part of knowledge base .txt file I use as input to the model. Q: Where is this inventory item/boat/RV/...
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Understanding the Concept of a Knowledge Base in the Context of Large Language

I am using large language models (LLMs) like GPT-3.5 and GPT-4, and others. While going through various materials, I came across the term "knowledge base" which seems to be used in ...
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How to train Bard to answer based on a private FAQ document?

I have a private (unpublished) FAQ document about an app, it has 7000 words and 40000 characters. To simulate it you may try taking and replacing the ...
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