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What works better: An LLM trained on better texts or an LLM with better prompts?

Assume you have a very large corpus of high-quality documents related to a given topic, and assume you have a pretrained large language model (the foundation model) with training data not containing ...
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3 answers

Can an LLM be constrained to answer questions only about a specific dataset?

I've seen this, this, this, and this. But my question is different. Whether I use ChatGPT's API or any of the LLM's supported by GPT4All, when I deploy my GenAI app for people to use, I want it to ...
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Interpretation of Evaluation Values of Augmented SBERT Training with EmbeddingSimilarityEvaluator()

I train a BI-Encoder to get an Augmented SBERT and I get a final training result. How can I interpret the following output of the final training result? EmbeddingSimilarityEvaluator: Evaluating the ...
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The using of golden dataset in Augmented SBERT Training

I use the training strategy of Augmented SBERT (Domain-Transfer) to train an augmented SBERT. In the code example they use the golden-dataset (STSb) for the training evaluator. Here two code snippets ...
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2 answers

Embeddings: How can I find out, that I'm out-of-vocabulary?

I have a german dataset of financial/annual reports of companies. For example, I use the gensim package to embed my dataset with word2vec or use the huggingface package to embed. How can I find out, ...
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1 answer

Best-Practice in word-embeddings

In my project I follow the retrieval augmented generation (RAG) approach. I want to create embeddings for my own dataset and use it in combination with llama-2. In the dataset are german annual ...
4 votes
1 answer

How can text embeddings be used by LLMs like ChatGPT?

My understanding of embeddings is this: Given some text string an embedding function (API) generates an embedding (a fixed-length vector of floats). Semantically similar texts have nearby vectors. ...
8 votes
2 answers

ChatGPT API Embedding Vectors - Are vectors standard across LLM's?

Can embeddings from one LLM's reused by others - any specific standardization exists on embeddings representation? reference -