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What would your suggestion be on how to learn for and get into ai market. Ideally, I want to develop AI powered cool and fun apps/websites/games

I am currently working on my own website built on Shopify. My background is mainly as a Product Analyst but I have brushed upon other options too due to my jobs. I am gradually realizing that coding ...
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How to add new mode in chatGPT-4? For example "Advanced Data Analyses"

When I create a new chat, at the top of the chatGPT version selection window a dropdown list of available modes appears when I hover over GPT-4 tab. Right now I only have 3 options: Default, Browse ...
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chatGPT messages not always in French, sometimes in English

When using a rather long prompt in French, I get messages sometimes back in English . All of my prompts are rather similar. Has anybody experienced a similar issue ? I am using the following code: ...
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How can I get chatgpt to keep track of all the words in the list that I am providing?

I am trying to ask ChatGPT (gpt-3.5-turbo) using code to compare a text and a list of keywords and evaluate how well the keywords describe the text. However, ChatGPT seems confused about the list of ...
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How can I get ChatGPT to enforce syntax rules when converting code between languages?

The goal is to convert Python to MATLAB while preserving a=1 keyword argument syntax (standard is 'a', 1). Worked: a bunch of code-related prompts in the same session, followed by From now on, when ...
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How can a programming beginner effectively utilize ChatGPT as a tool for programming?

There is a lot of buzz surrounding the effectiveness of ChatGPT for writing code. However, I have received several inquiries on Stack Overflow and its Spanish-speaking counterpart, ES.SO, where users ...
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How would I have got ChatGPT to say "these symbols are not allowed in Kotlin"?

I am trying to understand if there is any way I could have worded my inputs better to get an exact answer from ChatGPT. I am using the free web version by open ai ( I was ...
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Is it possible to create a reliable AI quotation tool using excel spreadsheets with ChatGPT API

I'm working on a project to create an AI Quotation tool using the ChatGPT API trained on my data. The data I have spans the last 10 years and is mostly in Excel and PDF format, but it's not ...
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