Here is what I observed for fine tuning Flan-T5-base:

GPU: 1 Nvidia V100 with 16 GB memory.
Flan-T5-base model size: 990 MB.
Script: deep-learning-pytorch-huggingface.
Samsum train dataset size: 370 MB.
Batch size: 8.
==> This will use 16 GB GPU memory(obtained from nvidia-smi command) and take about 1.5 hr to finish training.

Chnage to batch_size = 1.
==> This will use 7 GB GPU memory and take about 7.5 hr to finish training.

I would like to know if there is a rule of thumb which can be used to estimate GPU memory size and training time for fine tuning a LLM given GPU type and model, train data and batch sizes.

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I found an article regarding this. According to it: "The equation ties together the throughput 𝜏, the training time T, the model size N and the number of training tokens T: 𝜏T = 6ND "

However, this is more of an estimate assuming peak throughput and other factors, so you should probably refer to the article for some context.

Here is the link.

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