I want to design a prompt where I already have the main thing in the image fixed, but I need to have a text included in the image with exact word(s) I put in there. For example, this is my prompt.

a flying bird, text "Bird" in the background

The result only generates a flying bird. No text in the image, let alone the exact word.

How to generate exact word(s) in generated image?

I am using this tool.


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ControlNets and T2I adapters both allow you to condition generation on some kind of image input rather than just a text prompt. Best option for exact text would likely be the ControlNet or T2I adapter for edges:

These are available for Stable Diffusion 1.5, which is used by the linked web demo, and also Stable Diffusion XL. You could use the ControlNet/T2I adapter scripts in their repos, but I'd recommend using ComfyUI - or Automatic1111's web UI with its ControlNet extension.

You can first generate an image of a bird as normal:

(image contains ComfyUI workflow graph metadata - can be downloaded and dragged into the UI)

Then filter it with a canny edge detector. Below I used the "Image Canny Filter" from WAS Node Suite, but any method should work:

Bird canny edges
(image contains ComfyUI workflow graph metadata)

Repeat for some text "Bird"

"Bird" text canny edges

Combine the two:

Combined canny edges

Then, as shown below, feed this alongside the text prompt into the ControlNet/T2I Adapter to adjust the conditioning:

ComfyUI workflow


Generated image of bird flying in front of "Bird" text
(image contains ComfyUI workflow graph metadata)

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    This feels like doing the photoshop work to me. I'll wait for some time to see if anyone can answer with just prompt; otherwise, I will accept this answer later.
    – holydragon
    Commented Aug 8, 2023 at 2:14

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